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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 3, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: the kentucky county clerk goes to jail for refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples. also on the broadcast, the refugee boy who captured the heart of the world. now we know his name and his story. trump makes peace with the g.o.p. >> i have signed the pledge. >> pelley: a judge lifts tom brady's suspension, but that game's not over. and the laundromat man who talks bad guys into giving up. >> fellas, you're all an embarrassment to every criminal with a brain. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: rowan county, kentucky, could be the last front in a losing battle against same-sex marriage. today, two months after the u.s. supreme court said day couples
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have the ride to marry, the county clek went to jail rather than give them licenses. but most of her deputies said they will issue licenses starting tomorrow, and here's dean reynolds. >> he's coming for you sodomites! >> reporter: outside the federal courthouse in ashland, supporters of kim davis engaged in a fire-and-brim stone rally. on the sidewalks, and in the air, they tried to make the legal tide turn in her favor. but in the the quiet of his courtroom, judge david bunning made it clear that he would not be swayed. he told the defiant county clerk, "we live in the society of laws." on the stand, davis wept as she talked about her faith and her inability to carry out the judge's order to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples. >> i'm not leaving. >> reporter: all week, she and her deputies have turned them away. her conscience, she said, would
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not permit it. >> you all have a good day. >> reporter: marriage, she told the court, is a union between one man and one woman. "god's moral law conflicts with my job duties." not good enough, said the judge. he held her in contempt and ordered her to jail until she ended her defiance. later when five out of six deputies in her office swore to follow the judge's order and hand out the ...s, davis refused to give them her permission, even though the judge said he would have freed her if she had. joe davis is her husband. >> she told the judge, don't matter what you say, i'm not selling. >> reporter: and so off she went to the carter county detention center. april miller and karen roberts will apply for a marriage license in rowan county for the fourth time tomorrow. >> we're saddened by the the fact that misdavis has been incarcerated. we look forward to tomorrow as a couple. it will be a very important day
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in our lives. >> reporter: the rowan county clerk's office will be open for business at 8:00 a.m. sharp tomorrow when those deputies say they will resume issuing valid licenses with kim davis' signatured preprinted on them. and, scott, unless davis agrees to that arrangement, she is likely to remain in jail. >> pelley: dean reynolds for us tonight. dean, thank you very much. tonight, thousands of refugees are stuck in a countrythat doesn't want them but won't let them leave. they fled wars in syria and afghanistan, making it as far as hungary. today, they thought a train would take them to germany. charlie d'agata was with them when that train turned into a trap. >> reporter: when the station doors opened, hundreds of desperate migrants rushed in, cramming on to the the crane, children were pushed through the train windows. on board, it was even more
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chaotic. the suffocating he want and humidity made it almost unbearable. nobody knew where the the train was going, but everyone prayed it was germany, where migrants have the right to work. >> this is my lucky day, maybe, or not my lucky day. but i think it's my lucky day. >> reporter: it was his lucky day because he chose not to stay on that train. about 45 minutes outside of budapest, the train stopped. the police forced the migrants off to a holding camp. >> please! >> reporter: this woman begged not to be taken away. her husband became so desperate, that he grabbed them and through themselves on the track. next train out, we met azadullah sidiqi from afghanistan. >> i was working with the the american forces for six year, you know. but my father was died by taliban, and they said, "we will catch you and we will kidnap you. we will kill you."
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>> reporter: but when the train came to the end of the line, so did his dream of reaching germany. the hungarian police heard them on to buses. this girl has already survived one war. >> they treat us like we're not people. >> reporter: more like prisoners said her mother, batool. >> we're not going to stay here. >> reporter: why are you crying? >> they are treating us really bad. >> reporter: are you scared? >> yes. >> reporter: the big difference tonight, scott, is those doors are open, and migrants are allowed to travel, but word spreads fast, and no one wants to end up in a refugee camp having risked so much to get this far. for now, they're staying put. >> pelley: charlie d'agata in budapest for us again tonight. charlie, thank you. nothing has captured this crisis like the picture that we began with last night. the three-year-old syrian boy
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who washed up, drowned, on a turkish beach. today, holly williams learned the rest of his story. it's hard to watch but it should be seen. >> reporter: the little boy whose lifeless body was washed ashore now has a name. aylan kurdi was three years old when he lost his life crossing the mediterranean sea to europe. his five-year-old brother, galip, and their mother also drowned in a desperate attempt to find a better life. aylan's father, abdullah, survived and today he collected the bodies of his wife and young sons from the morgue. "the waves were so high and the captain panicd and jumped into the sea," he said. "i took my wife and children in my arms, but they were all dead." they fled the syrian town of
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kobani, which was decimated when isis tried to seize it earlier this year, leaving nearly everyone there homeless. abdullah's sister, tima kurdi, who lives in vancouver, said she gave the family money to pay a human smuggler. >> his wife told me on the phone a week ago, "i'm so scared of the water. i don't know how to swim. if something happen." >> reporter: over 300,000 people have attempted the dangerous journey to europe this year, and more than 2,000 have paid with their lives, including many other children whose names we don't know. but it's these images of aylan kurdi that have finally brought the tragedy home to people in europe and pricked the conscience of european leaders.
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abdullah kurdi will crofg back into syria tomorrow to bury his wife and two young sons. and, scott, a friend of the family told us they paid around $4,000 to be smuggled to europe but then did not have enough money to buy lifejackets. >> pelley: holly williams, thanks. today, south carolina prosecutors said they will ask for the death penalty against dylann roof. he is charged with murdering nine people who had welcomed him into their bible study at a historic black church in charleston. relatives of the victims said they forgave him, but the prosecutor says forgiveness does not eliminate the consequences. today, donald trump promised not to make a third-party run for the white house if he loses the republican nomination. support for trump is up. in the latest poll he's at 30%, up four points since august. ben carson is next at 18.
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that's a 13-point improvement. jeb bush has fallen out of double digit, tied with ted cruz. julianna goldman now on the man who has become the life of the party. >> i have signed the pledge. >> reporter: from the marble lobby of the building that bears his name at every turn, donald trump played nice with the republican establishment. >> i just wanted fairness from the republican party. >> reporter: because he said the establishment played nice with him. >> so i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stands. >> raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. >> reporter: the renegade republican front-runner was the only candidate at last month's debate who refused to rule out an independent run if he didn't secure the nomination. but donors and party leaders worried that could help democrats by take votes away from the eventual nominee. on wednesday, republican
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national committee chairman reince priebus sent this loyalty pledge to all 17 candidates. now signed by trump it says he'll endorse the party pick and won't run as an independent or write-in candidate or seek or accept the nomination for president of any other party. but it's not legally binding. do you see any circumstances under which you would tear up that pledge? >> no, i see no circumstances under which i would tear up that pledge. >> reporter: priebus came to trump's home turf to sign that form. none of the other candidates are getting that kind of treatment. but, scott as you can see from the protest behind me, trump still has quite a bit of bridge building to do. >> pelley: julianna goldman with the key question to trump today. julianna, thank you. it's tom brady 1, roger goodell 0 at half time. today a federal judge lifted the four-game suspension that the nfl commissioner gave brady for allegedly used underinflated footballs in a championship game. the judge said the nfl should
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have informed brady in advance that he was subject to such a penalty. goodell appealed. anna werner is in boston. >> reporter: the decision puts tom brady back out on the field for opening day next week, and sets the league back on its heels. u.s. district judge richard berman was not given notice that, "general awareness of a scheme to deflate footballs would warrant a four-game suspension. and denying brady access to the wells report along with the chance to examine a went were fundamentally unfair. berman said commissioner roger goodell dispensed his own brand of industrial justice. dan shaughnessy writes for the "boston globe." >> i think i'm surprised at the totality of the verdict. it's such a smack-down of roger goodell and the nfl. there's nothing ambiguous about the verdict at all. >> reporter: brady insisted all along that he had nothing to do with deflating footballs
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below league standards at last season's a.f.c. championship game. in handing out his original four-game suspension, goodell said brady not only participated in the scheme but hampered the investigation by destroying his cell phone. today's ruling makes no judgments on brady's actions, just that the star quarterback was treated unfairly through much of the process. scott zolak is a radio host and former patriots quarterback. >> it's going to be tough for the commissioner to move forward from this it really is. because now it's how do you trust any judgment, any suspension, any fine that's handed down? >> reporter: so do you see the brady case as sort of the death nell for commissioner roger goodell? >> i think there's always that one point where you say, boy, that's the point where everything started to end for it. and i think, yes, that will be it. >> reporter: the league is aappealing this decision, of course. meanwhile, the regular season begins one week from today right near in new england, and one person who will not be here for that game, commissioner roger goodell. scott, he said he'll be watching
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it on tv. >> pelley: anna werner at gillette stadium. anna, thanks. it's been said that football is a religion in the south, but according to some, what happened last month at a public school outside atlanta, georgia crossed the line. mark strassmann is following this. >> reporter: at villa rica high, they huddled around a baptismal on the football field right before practice. one coach was baptized first, followed by 18 students. alan martinez, head of the local booster club, helped organize it. >> what a wonderful event this was to be able to demonstrate the love of christ to a group of individual students and let them express their love of christ. >> reporter: the first baptist church of villa rica posted the video on youtube with the message, "take a look and see how god is still in our schools." pastor kevin williams. >> i didn't think there would be any kind of push-back, being it was after school, before practice. >> reporter: but you posted it
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on youtube, "god is back in schoolment. >> yeah, "god is still alive in school." >> reporter: you knew there was a line there. >> there are a lot of people who don't want god in anything. >> reporter: though school officials had no idea this was happening, critics pounced. annie laurie gaylor is president of the freedom from religion foundation. >> and our students should not be forced to pray to play, and this is coercive and proslytyzing and embarrassing. >> reporter: all the kids who were baptized, all volunteered for it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: no coercion? >> none at all. >> no proslytyzing? >> no. >> reporter: would you do it again? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the school district is now investigating a baptism immersed in controversy. mark strassmann, cbs news, villa rica, georgia. >> pelley: we'll show you a new video that shows airport pat-downs that went too far. the class of 2015's s.a.t.'s scores hit a 10-year low.
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and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin. denver, kcnc, has obtained airport surveillance footage that officialed refused to release for months. kris van cleave reports it shows an incident in february in which t.s.a. officers went much too far. >> reporter: this is the moment t.s.a. investigators believe the officers crossed the line. in the denver airport security video, screening officer ty spicha allegedly fondles a male passenger. moments later, a second man gets patted down as part of a plot to manipulate the screening process by spicah, and coworker yasmin shafi. according to a t.s.a. employee who reported the pair, shafi would cause the scanners to identify a male passenger spicha found attractive as female triggering the machine to show
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an anomaly in the genital area. the t.say began an investigation eventually firing the pair but victims were never identifyd and no files were charged. t.s.a. administrator peter neffenger. sir, what can you do to try to ensure that incidents like that don't keep occurring? >> what we do in the long run is train across the organization, i believe in a consistent spownd'd foundational training, in the standardshat we expect people to adhere to, our core value torkz treat the public and traveling public with the dignity and respect you would want to be treated with yourself. >> reporter: just last week at new york's laguardia airport, a t.s.a. officer was arrested for allegedly groping a 21-year-old female passenger. scott, today, the t.s.a. was not able to tell us how many of its officers have been fired for misconduct. >> pelley: kris van cleave, thanks very much. the s.a.t. scores are in and that story is coming up.
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>> pelley: today, china put on
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a massive parade to celebrate 70 years since the japanese defeat that ended world war ii. tanks rumbled through tiananmen square, as did dozens of ballistic missiles. aircraft soared, including new fighter jets. but china's president announced he's cutting the military by 300,000 troops. this year's national s.a.t. scores are not good. the average 1490 out of 2400 is the lowest since the exam was revamped a decade ago. but this is what really caught our attention-- the percentage of students who scored high enough to be considered college ready was 42%. not even half. it looked ominous today when a huge dust cloud descended on phoenix. traffic slowed as winds gusted to 40 miles an hour. there were minor delays at the airport. for a time, visibility was less than a quarter of a mile.
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. >> pelley: cop shows have been a fixture on television for as long as there's been television. most of them follow familiar formulas, but there's one that stars a laundromat man named clay who breaks the mold. here's david begnaud. >> mr. lizard, put down your pipe for a minute and listen good. look at me when i'm talking to you, son. >> reporter: louisiana sheriff's captain clay higgins talks straight about crime. >> you're all an embarrassment to every criminal with a brain.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: directly to criminals. >> and if you return to this man's home, have your affairs in order. >> reporter: higgins is the host of a weekly crimestoppers segment for a local newscast out of lafyatte, lousiana. he often stands at crime scenes, mixing humor with tough talk, urging criminals to turn themselveses in. >> if you're one of these idiots, pay attention, son. try to focus and listen toier elder. >> reporter: these segments, seen locally by an audience of 90,000, now reach millions on the internet. >> look at me, son. i'm talking to you. >> reporter: more than five million people have seen this segment that made him a social media superstar. >> we're going to identify you, arrest you, and put you in a small cell. after, that i'm going to have a cheeseburger here with fries and a coke and leave a nice tip for the waitress. meanwhile, your next meal will be served to a small hole in a cell door. >> reporter: his wild west lawman approach has convinced
6:58 pm
nine people to surrender. >> at only 20 years old, he's certainly on the wrong path. >> reporter: this one was directed at 20-year-old chance carroll, a father of two. why did you decide to turn yourself in? >> so i can give me kids what they need. if i kept running, i couldn't get a good job like i planned on. >on. >> all of us fall. it's time for you to stand back up. >> reporter: did you always want to have that chance of redemption at the end of every crimestopper segment? >> yes, sir. i think the end edge should always be you got a second chance but you've got to do the right thing to get there. you should come trembling. >> reporter: and for those neglecting his offer. >> out there where you dwell, you'll cross a man like me. >> reporter: ...higgins puts them on notice. >> and i'll be riding a pale horse. >> reporter: david begnaud, lafyatte, lousiana. >> pelley: and that's the cbs news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good
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we begin tonight with breaking news out on the belt way where someone died in the crash right near the road of temple hill as it happened on the outer loop as prince george's county fire official tells us that this was a fatal collision. now this time we do not know what caused that crash or how many vehicles were involved. >> reporter: you can see only one lane is getting by, causing major backups, especially as redskins fans would head to fedex field for tonight's game to keep an eye on this throughout the night with traffic and story updates on our new wusa9 app. fans at tonight's redskins game might be steaming from the latest fumble. >> this one coming from a vulgar sexist tweet. peggy fox reports on the fan fallout. >> reporter:


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